Mission, Vision & Values


To support high performance athletes to achieve podium performances in international competition through a holistic process.


To surround the athletes and coaches with an atmosphere of excellence, providing them with the leadership expertise, world leading service delivery and support tools they need to reach the international podium in their sport.


Six core values guide our vision, shape our processes and outcomes, and help to secure our continued positive reputation nationally and internationally.


We aspire to and measure ourselves against defined expectations of excellence in all areas of our activities and relationships.


We believe that innovation is a critical and constant requirement, as well as an expected trait for all involved in our vision and mission.


We value informed and purposeful leadership and recognize that such direction can come from all stakeholders and across all disciplines.


We stand by the view that the integrity of our individual and collective behaviours is the cornerstone of who and what we are.


We ultimately will be successful through our authentic partnerships and therefore act to enhance these relationships at every opportunity.


We believe that enjoyment and fun have to be an integral part of our behaviour in order to achieve our vision and mission.

CSCC Values and Beliefs Extended.pdf