The CSCC has designed a series of workshops that support our mission of supporting high performance athletes in achieving podium performances through a holistic process. These workshops are designed to foster knowledge, skill and balance for the busy athlete managing their life in and out of sport.

Drugs and Supplements in Sport (2 hours)

The primary goal of this workshop is to educate all individuals involved in the process of recommending, prescribing and taking sport and health related substances so they can make informed decisions. More information on the rules and regulations can be found at the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) website or at the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) Website at

Promoting A Postive Sport Environment (4 hours)

This workshop is designed to examine how different behaviours affect the sport environment and athlete performance. Participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of sensitive issues in a thoughtful and constructive manner through case studies, personal reflection, environmental audits and small and large group discussion.

Career Goal (4 hours)

This workshop is designed to provide participants with an introduction and overview to the career planning process. It encourages participants to act now, during their sport career, to identify what they can be doing while training to develop interests and skills to help later in transition when moving from the “world of sport” to the “world of work”

In Depth Career Planning Program Workshop (15 hours, Five 3 hour sessions)

This workshop is a continuation from the Career Goal Workshop in which participants will take a thorough approach to career planning and identify their academic, career, and life goals.

Transition Workshop (4 hours)

This workshop supports particants in developing awareness to issues related to transition; the feelings they might experience; and things that they can do to celebrate their sport career and help facilitate moving forward. Note: Additional individual counseling is available.

Public Speaking Workshop (8 hours)

The Introduction to Public Speaking course covers “Tools of the Trade” including voice, eye contact, expression, gestures, posture and movement through many interactive and “hands on” experiences. Note: this workshop is a pre-requisite for the YES Program.

Goal Setting Workshop (8 hours)

The Goal Setting Workshop is designed to assist workshop participants to facilitate a Goal Setting Presentation to school-aged children and young athletes.

Sport Demo Workshop (4 hours)

Participants are taught how to give an exciting sport demonstration presentation to school-aged children and young athletes. Note: this workshop is a pre-requisite for the YES Program.

Media Relations (2.5 hours)

Participants are taught to be media savvy and capable of inciting sponsorship and news coverage while achieving peak performance in sport, during a customized workshop.

Self-Marketing Workshop (2 hours)

Workshop participants learn the principles of marketing themselves and how to design a sponsorship package to enhance the acquisition of potential sponsors.

Website Development Workshop (8 hours)

This workshop will assist participants in creating a personal website.