Next Generation Olympian

About the Next Generation Olympian Talent ID Program

The primary purpose of the Next Generation Olympian Program is to identify gifted individuals and provide them and their parents with the resources to help them reach their full potential in sport. The Canadian Sport Centre Calgary in conjunction with Own The Podium, is looking to bridge the development gap between the current top-level international standard of performance and the next generation of athletes. To that end, certain sports, are being targeted with specialized development programs to broaden the depth of high performance Canadian sport.

Ski Jumping – February 13th, 2011

Have you ever wanted to fly? The Canadian Sport Centre Calgary in partnership with Own the Podium is holding a series of Talent ID Camps to recruit potential new athletes to a variety of sports. With the likelihood of women’s ski jumping being added to the 2014 Winter Olympic Program, Ski Jumping Canada is now searching for girls aged 11-14 to be a part of a specialized development program to increase their athlete depth in the sport.

What’s involved?

The current recruitment for women’s ski jump consists of two stages:

Stage 1: A preliminary recruitment session open to girls aged 11-14 in the Calgary area designed to identify potential talent based on certain physical and performance parameters. The initial 1.5 hour session will involve a number of simple physical tests to assess general athletic ability and sport specific traits, with regard particularly to the ski jump discipline.

Stage 2: From these tests, a group will be selected to take part in a fully funded 6-8 week development program to further assess their suitability to the sport of ski jumping. This program will give those involved a chance to see whether they like the sport of ski jump, to see what type of training is required, and to get an idea of what it takes to reach a high performance level in sport. Training components included will be skiing, learning to jump, and a dry-land element with general athletic training, flexibility and structural core training. For the duration of the program, training will be 2-4 times per week at Canada Olympic Park.

What’s next?

Successful candidates from the development program will be given the chance to join the Ski Jumping Canada high performance development programs. The process outlined above will run approximately from mid-February to mid-April 2011, and will be fully funded by Own The Podium.

Next Generation Olympian – Ski Jumping Camp on Saturday, February 13th

  • At the Bob Niven Training Centre at Canada Olympic Park
  • Open to girls aged 11-14
  • 1.5 hour time commitment between 9am-2pm
  • Participants must be accompanied by a parent
  • Participants are asked to wear a T-shirt, shorts and running shoes
  • Please bring your own water bottle
  • Registration will be limited to 25 participants per time slot on a first come first served basis

Registration Here


Once you are registered please print off and complete the below 3 waivers to bring with you.

Next Gen Olympian Consent Waiver 1.pdf
Next Gen Olympian Consent Waiver 2.pdf
Next Gen Olympian Consent Waiver 3.pdf