Fuel for Gold

Premium Athlete Nutrition Program

The Canadian Sport Centre Calgary, in cooperation with Chartwells and the University of Calgary Dining Centre, is pleased to present the Fuel for Gold lunch program for CSCC registered athletes. Designed to provide Canada’s best athletes training in Calgary with the nutrition they need to be successful in their sport, the weekly menu has been created by the CSCC dietitians, strength trainers and Chef Aurelio Gualtieri.

The primary purpose of this program is to provide high performance athletes with convenient, affordable and nutritious lunch options. It is also an opportunity for athletes to bond with teammates and other Calgary-based thletes, coaches and support staff in a relaxed/informal setting. Fuel for Gold offers nutritious meals for optimal exercise recovery at a time of day when athletes’ bodies are most receptive to restoring energy and repairing muscle tissue after a hard morning of training. Fuel for Gold is also available to students, staff and faculty daily between 11:30-1:00 pm at the University of Calgary Dining Centre.

“The CSCC has worked really hard to provide support in all areas of our training – the Fuel for Gold program is one more piece of the puzzle that will help us reach our ultimate goals.” ~ Clara Hughes, Speed Skating Olympic Gold Medallist.

Chef Aurelio Gualtieri

Passion, dedication and an undeniable love for food best describe Aurelio Gualtieri, executive chef of the Fuel for Gold program. Aurelio was born and raised in Montreal in an Italian household where all family members had a passion for food. After working in French, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish and Greek restaurants for many years, he enrolled in the Chef the Cuisine program at L’institute de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Quebec (ITHQ) and spent seven years perfecting his trade in baking, fine cuisine and hotel management.

In 1997, he took a major step and packed his bags for Calgary. Aurelio worked as the executive chef of “Il Girasole” then moved on in 1999 to become the executive sous chef at “La Caille on the Bow”, one of Calgary’s most renowned restaurants. Throughout Aurelio’s culinary career, he has always been interested in challenging high fat, traditional recipes to make lighter meals without compromising taste. When approached by the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary (CSCC) to participate in the Fuel for Gold program for Canada’s top athletes, he immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Through extensive planning with the CSCC strength and conditioning coaches, dietitians and the athletes themselves, he has been able to develop a menu that satisfies not only their specific physical requirements, but their palates as well. “I want to make them excited about eating; it’s all about how you fuel your body for competition.” “I am committed to creating world-class food for world-class athletes.”

Chef Aurelio Gualtieri has been supplying Calgary’s elite with ready-made meals for the past four years. He truly loves what he does, and is energized to be involved with motivated individuals on a daily basis.

Corporate Support

Fuel for Gold is made possible by the generous support of Encana.