More Services

SportGrad Program

This program offers academic consultations with certified experts to help design and implement an academic future.

Tutor Support: The CSCC will provide students with $150 per course towards payment of a tutor.

Academic Consulting: All students, or those thinking about becoming a student, have access to the CSCC academic advisor for expert consultation.

Program for Athletes Cooperative Employment (PACE)

PACE is designed to assist participants in gaining valuable career-related experience in preparation for future employment.

Program elements:

  • Offer a salary sharing venture between the CSCC and the employer
  • Facilitate flexible short-term, part-time, and full time employment
  • Provide successful applicants a $2000 contribution toward their wages
  • Assist athletes in emerging from the sport with career-related experience and a chance to be skilled and marketable in their chosen field

Resume and Cover Letter Services

The CSCC provides athletes with support in developing resumé, cover letter and with interview preparation.

For more information on any of these services please contact the Athlete Services Coordinator at 403.220.8189 or by email at

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling is available to all registered athletes. Please contact Cara Button, Life Services Manager at 403.220.8184 or by email at

Sport Chaplaincy

  • One on one counseling and mentoring for athletes looking to develop their faith.
  • Small group meetings with other athletes seeking to learn and share how to grow spiritually and implement their faith into sport.
  • Pre-competition chapel services at Olympics, world championships, world cups and Nat’l championships.
  • Community service opportunities (i.e. children’s hospital visits)

For more information please contact Steve Sellers at