Customized High Performance Training

The National Coaching Institute Calgary offers custom delivery for coaches who are identified within their sport as High Performance. These coaches typically work with the top division of the National Program.

This high level training takes place in partnership with key stakeholders of the NCI, the Canadian Sport Centre, the National Sport Federation and potentially others. A panel format made up of members of the partners is used to assess the needs of the coach in order to develop a detailed training plan. The National Coaching Institute works with the coach to ensure the plan is completed resulting in the required level of certification. HP Directors and other Administrators may also qualify for this level of training.

The NCI Calgary will also assist coaches who have nearly completed their Level 4/5 and need course mapping to finalize their program.

For more information on customized coach training please contact Jason Sjostrom, Director of the National Coaching Institute Calgary at 403.220.8197 or by email at