Annual Report

Message from the President

The CSCC has changed and grown considerably over the past few years. Although the past year was turbulent, economically, the CSCC remained steadfast to the values that guided us over our 15 years of success. We had a clear and strong vision; a plan with goals, priorities and strategies; and the commitment to implementation. Our strength lies in our culture that is biased toward action, execution and attention to details. We are the best in service delivery!

Five years ago the Canadian high performance sport system accepted the challenge to “own the podium” in Vancouver. The CSCC, as a partner in the system, was integrally involved in this process of big change. The exceptional success of Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the 2010 Vancouver Games is a testament to the value of our culture and our focus on preparation and performance improvement. The Canadian team in Vancouver was the best supported, best prepared, and most ready to perform at the highest international level. We are privileged to support such an array of talented athletes and coaches. We thank and congratulate the athletes and their coaches for their inspirational and world leading performances in Vancouver.

The high performance sport system in Canada is better supported than ever before, and we are preparing for even greater opportunities as we expand our program offerings and develop our relationship with WinSport Canada to evolve into the Canadian Sport Institute.

Another rewarding year beckons and I remain tremendously proud of our staff and the service professionals who have, are and continue to make vital contributions provincially, nationally and globally. I thank them for their determination, creativity and inspiration. I also thank our Board of Directors for their continued insight, encouragement, direction and the confidence they have shown in our work.

We look forward with all our partners to continuing our work of promoting and achieving with Canadian athletes and coaches the dream of sport excellence across Canada. We are excited about the challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.


Dale Henwood
President and CEO,
Canadian Sport Centre Calgary


2010 Annual Report En.pdf