Business of Performance

What would it take to achieve Excellence?

The Business of Performance is intended for organizations dedicated to moving their people and their business towards elite performance. There are many obvious similarities between sport and business: strategic planning, well-defined goals, teamwork, effective leadership and trust.

The Business of Performance takes the sport-business parallel to a whole new level. It communicates proven methodologies that are drawn from sport and applied to business through tailored workshops, seminars and continuing programs with organizations.

These services are founded on the pursuit of world-leading performance targets and marry a proven high performance program from industry with the track record of the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary (CSCC). The services are run by in-house performance specialists that know the CSCC, have a history of implementing performance improvement and a track-record to prove it.

By aligning your corporate vision and values with those identified and exemplified by Canada’s Olympic athletes training at the CSCC, your employees will be motivated to emulate the philosophy and behaviors of those striving to be the best in the world.

For more information on how your organization can incorporate Business of Performance please contact 403.220.6733.