BMX & Downhill

Downhill Development Program

The Oval Downhill Development Program is open to aspiring downhill mountain bike racers (ages 15-25) who have achieved an intermediate to advanced level of downhill riding skills who share an interest in learning and developing cycling and athletic skills. This program will explore the fundamentals of downhill racing, placing emphasize on developing strength, power, speed and agility. The program works towards facilitating athletic growth and development in all downhill cycling disciplines, including downhill, 4X and dual slalom. The program will also develop the athlete through sessions focused on the mechanics of downhill racing. These include course inspection and line selection, proper bike set-up workshops and riding skill workshops. The Program is also developing a plan to hold a spring training camp where participants will have the opportunity to apply the skills learned over the winter in an actual race event.

Athletes take part in coached sessions and are required to have their own bike (Downhill full suspension and/or 4X hardtail and/or road). The Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre will provide rollers for use during indoor training sessions. Athletes are also required to bring athletic shoes and clothing for strength and agility practices.

Training schedule

  • Monday: Guided Coaching Sessions at the Oval from 7 to 9 p.m. (Bicycle skill development – indoor bike skills on rollers or trainer or on constructed technical features.)
  • Wednesday: Guided Coaching Sessions at the Oval from 7 to 9 p.m. (Strength, power, speed and agility training involving weight training, and floor exercise programs.)
  • Saturday : Guided Coaching group rides from 10am to ~2pm (Outdoor skill development activity such as DH, freeride, 4X and/or street riding.)

BMX Program

Programs starting in September, 2011