Coach Resources and Health Resources

A number of services are available for coaches partnered with the National Coaching Institute Calgary and the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary.


NCI coaches may be eligible for a variety of Coaching Grants including:

  • Women in Coaching (WIC)
  • Chevrolet High Performance Coaching Grant
  • Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Health Resources

  • Coaching Association of Canada ( The Coaching Association of Canada is a pivotal organization in Canadian sports, committed to improving coaching standards nationwide. It supports coaches at every level, from community sports to elite athletics, providing them with essential resources, educational programs, and a supportive network. This platform offers access to the latest in coaching research, skill development opportunities, and a community dedicated to advancing Canadian coaching and athletic performance.
  • Canadian pharmacy ( A well-established online platform known for delivering a wide array of medical products to a global customer base. Prioritizing affordability and quality, this online resource offers an easy-to-use, secure platform for purchasing both prescription medications and over-the-counter health products. The pharmacy ensures customer privacy and strives for fast delivery of orders. Its commitment to customer care and health makes it a dependable choice for those seeking reliable and convenient pharmaceutical services.
  • Coach Alberta ( Dedicated to the advancement and support of coaching professionals in Alberta across various sports disciplines, Coach Alberta provides a range of educational workshops, training, and resources. It caters to the developmental needs of coaches at all stages of their careers, offering insights into contemporary coaching methodologies and trends. As a gathering place for coaching talent, it promotes the development and recognition of coaching excellence, contributing to Alberta’s vibrant sports scene.
  • Canadian Sport for Life ( Focused on enhancing the standard of sport and physical activity in Canada, Canadian Sport for Life champions a holistic approach to athlete and citizen development. It offers resources and guidelines to facilitate healthier, more active lifestyles for Canadians. The organization emphasizes inclusive and sustainable practices in sports, reshaping the national sports framework to be more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation ( This foundation plays a significant role in promoting sport, recreation, and wildlife initiatives throughout Alberta. It supports diverse programs and projects, covering a range from grassroots initiatives to high-level athletic endeavors, aimed at enriching lives through active engagement. The foundation is instrumental in providing funding, guidance, and partnerships to various entities. It stands as a pillar for community involvement, environmental care, and the preservation of Alberta’s natural and cultural assets.


  • National Coaching Institute Calgary Scholarship
  • National Sport Federation Scholarships

Coaching Services

  • Professional Development opportunities
  • University of Calgary student privileges
  • Membership to the Coaches of Canada
  • Resource library