Youth Education through Sport

Canada Needs More Heroes

Every two years the world comes together for an extraordinary event … the Olympic Games. The compelling moments that emerge from these games are priceless. Successful performances by Canadian athletes can hold a lasting impression on our country, our people, and especially our youth.

The YES Program

This program helps to develop athletes as community leaders through public speaking. We send out Canada’s best athletes to speak to Grade 4-6 students in schools throughout the province about their involvement in sport, and the positive impact it has had on their lives. The informal and interactive presentations highlight the values of sport, thereby fostering the qualities of fair play, dedication, commitment, health and self-esteem. The YES Program provides athlete speakers as role models of these qualities. Students are truly inspired by these exceptional athletes.

The Olympians, Paralympians and National Team athletes in the YES Program are trained in public speaking through Canadian Sport Centre Calgary Workshops. These workshops assist the athletes in delivering their powerful messages and provide them with training in speech development and presentation. Through the YES program athletes are able to give back to the community as well as have an opportunity to share their story of struggle and success. The athletes in turn receive an honorarium for their time and valuable stories they share.

In 2009, the YES Program was able to reach over 16,000 of Alberta’s youth, at no charge to the participating schools, thanks to the support of Encana.

For more information on the YES Program please contact Jessica Kostka, Marketing & Programs Coordinator at 403.210-5403 or at If your school would like to apply for a YES Program presentation please print the below from and fill it out completely before faxing it to 403.282.6792.

YES Program Request Form