Athlete Development

Train like an Olympian

Take your training to the highest level with professional instruction from the qualified strength and conditioning coaches of the Olympic athletes.

Our knowledgeable staff will provide the same science-based strength and conditioning training systems used by some of Canada’s most successful Olympic athletes in the facility where they train. Programs are available for the individual, group and team for all sports and all performance levels. Whether its preparing for the upcoming season, injury rehabilitation or training to enhance strength, power, speed and endurance; our coaches are here to take you to the next level.

Training Programs

  • Individual Training: $75/Session
  • Team Training (6-16 Athletes): $150/Session
  • Team Aerobic Training (6-16 Athletes): $125/Session
  • Group Training (2-6 Athletes): $100/Session
  • Additional Athletes: $10/Athlete

Testing & Assessments

  • Strength
  • Power Testing
  • Structural Movement Assessments

Custom Program Design

Ensure optimum performance with professionally designed programs for individual and team needs.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

For more information on our services contact Jason Poole, Director, Sport Services at 403.220.5048 or by email at